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Legalize it. Don’t criticize it.

I thought about those classic lyrics from Peter Tosh’s “Legalize it” when I read that NY Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced a new policy decreasing the penalty for possessing small amounts of marijuana.

Welcome to the majority (based on recent polling for decriminalizing pot). And when I say the majority, I mean a wide cross-section of individuals that regularly smoke weed. In fact, I would bet to say many of my friends “puff the dragon”, including doctors, lawyers, tradesmen, laborers and everyone in between.

The whole issue is really kind of ridiculous. When I was in high school, kids were smoking pot, and that was over 30 years ago. And where are they today? Well, they’re not crack addicts, but respectable and professional individuals greatly contributing positively to everyday society. So I guess the whole “gateway drug” argument gets thrown out the window. Most everything’s good in moderation, but if you already have additive tendencies, well pot is the least of your worries. I mean, it’s easier to score weed, then purchase alcohol on Sunday before 12 noon.

But doesn’t smoking pot make you crazy? Ah, NO. But it does make you hungry, and maybe sleepy; unlike booze, which turns you into a crazed idiot. Heck, most of my friends simply hit the bong a few times, and then mellow out reading Time magazine while swinging in the hammock before their afternoon nap; classic recreational use.

Legalizing pot has so many benefits. Less stress on the criminal and legal system, reducing drug dealer revenue, controlling product quality, increasing tax revenue, and providing medicinal relief just to name a few. I’m thinking planting a few seeds next to our fresh tomatoes would even take a bite out of crime.

So congratulations to Governor Cuomo, and many other states, for using common sense concerning the war on drugs. Maybe the Feds will take a cue from the states (and moral majority), and move towards decriminalizing a natural earthly grown medicinal weed that simply provides mellow benefits to millions of mainstream users.

Speaking of which, I’m heading to the kitchen before my nap!

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