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Dreaming like Walt is the easy part.

I was watching a special about Walt Disney building Disney World in Orlando. He was in a helicopter flying over swamp land envisioning his dream. I’m thinking just flying in a helicopter’s a win.

A large-scale vision takes quite the imagination, but turning a dream into reality, well that takes a special kind of person.

We all have dreams, ideas, inventions….that’s the easy part. Turning those into tangible realities is the essence of difficulty. I mean geez, you’d think everyone would jump all over your latest and greatest idea, but noooooo! It takes work, determination, lots of help, money and usually a few key influential folks that assist with that all important momentum shift. And once that momentum begins to roll….well….Disney World gets built.

However, until you break through, it’s crucial to dream. It’s healthy, fun, and keeps you (and team) excited along the journey.

For example, I recently finished writing a stage play called “The Circle Belle”. Set in 1947, it follows a family of bootleggers trying to transition from moonshining to big time stock car racing, just as Big Bill France is starting NASCAR. The belle of the story represents feisty determination. A great story for the stage, big-screen, theme parks…….ok, not theme parks but I’m thinking at least some swag like a few mugs and t-shirts. Although a Circle Belle rollercoaster at Six Flags isn’t entirely out of the question.

My dream goes something like this…………………

The play is read by a few respected theater aficionados. That leads to a table reading, which leads to a student production. The community gets on board, and crowd-funding is used to fund the play. The production is a huge success, and raises tons of money for the college theater department. The play gets published and runs successfully in various venues. Since the play captures the early day romance of stock car racing, NASCAR’s entertainment machine gets on board. Big sponsors like Ford sign on. A big studio picks up the story line for the big screen. A development deal is signed and great script written. Since it’s a period piece, Robert Redford signs on to direct (unless Clint Eastwood wants in), the movie plays well at the box office, makes cash for the studio and garners a few awards; the end.

I know what you’re saying, “good luck with that, Mike”.

No one says it’ll be easy, but let’s have some fun trying. If you want to follow the adventure, I’ll be tweeting occasionally. You can follow me at @mikedelninno

Who knows, with the right folks on board via social media, we may just go viral with this one! Wish me luck, and keep dreaming!

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