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Election cycle 2012. Let the games begin.

I consider myself deeply patriotic. So I find myself in a quandary concerning the upcoming election cycle. Why? Because the system has become so damn amusing; and that makes it sad. And sad and patriotic just simply don’t mix.

Patriotism should liken to proud, hopeful, exciting, successful, adventuresome, entrepreneurial, forefront and most definitely compliment happy.

I ran for local office back in 2004. Four of us got hammered by a longtime local politician in an August primary. He took more than 50 percent of the vote, and he escaped a general election. I considered the experience eye opening, and thought about running again in 2012. Unfortunately, after some exploratory work, I didn’t think I could muster local support for a win. I’m thinking some local connected insider type will probably win. Flashback 2004!

It’s clear the system, albeit now somewhat fragmented, has a two-party bottom up pecking order, and the reality is it’s tough for an upstart to gain traction. That’s not to say it can’t be done, but that inside track is tough to break into for an independent thinking candidate.

The last presidential election cycle I voted for Obama. I felt the Republican Party simply lost its way, and I bought into the centrist rap delivered by Mr. Obama. However, somewhere he veered left and abandoned more than a few of my core beliefs. Hey, I think the guy has a good heart, but I seriously have doubts he can relate to a small business entrepreneur trying to start, grow and jumpstart a business.

Whether real or not, I perceive his view on redistribution of wealth is misguided. Risking and sacrificing your blood, sweat and tears into growing a business, just to pay more into a corrupt system full of wasteful spending is absolutely demoralizing. In the old patriotic days, successful business leaders voluntarily gave back without a mandate (which by the way is happening even more today).

I think it’s time to jumpstart this economy, and get back that patriotic mojo, and I’m thinking I’ll give the Republican Party another shot to find their way.

Yea, I know, it sounds amusing, but maybe this time it’ll lead to more jobs, more wealth, and more giving; and that sounds happy to me. Let the games begin.

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