• Mike Del Ninno

Can you “win” being “true to yourself”?

If you haven’t run for any public office, I highly recommend it. What a humbling experience.

I ran for a local county public office; you go in with great intentions and come out understanding why the system is so laborious. Political super-junkies tend to spend their time and energy on “playing the game”, rather than truly solving problems. But hey, what fun would it really be if we all got along.

Once you officially file the paperwork, you’re officially a target. But I got to admit it is exciting to dream about providing leadership that could help shape a community. Of course that dream also comes with the constant threat of the occasional embarrassment and stumble.

And that leads to the question. Can you run for office, and win, while being true to yourself?

I’m thinking about running again for that same public office (now that the guy who steam-rolled me will be moving on to the Chairman – a nice guy I might add), and I began wondering? Can I just jump into the fold, be myself, and kick some butt? Or, do I have to become something I’m not? Do I have to jump on the web and erase my Facebook posts and Tweets? Or can I let those spontaneous social media moments speak to the true nature of my personality, humor and occasional sarcastic rants. Do I have to start shaving every day and slap on that power tie, or can I still dress down in this sleepy beach town?

I despise hypocrisy, yet I feel like a small dose is an absolute necessity when entering into the political game. It doesn’t matter that I have a solid educational and business background, or that I spent a considerable amount of time sitting on community boards, or that I have the intelligence and common-sense to provide solid leadership. I suppose one bad tweet could crash it all down.

But in the end, I absolutely have to be true to myself. Because that’s the only way I know how to win!


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